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Zavorne obloge BREMBO 07HO32SX

Brake pads SX Več informacij
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Zavorne obloge BREMBO 07HO32SX
49.21 €
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Brake pads SX

SX – SD – TT 


These materials are designed to guarantee maximum efficiency under the various conditions encountered habitually in off-road riding – not only cold and heat, but inhospitable terrain as well (water, sand, mud), where braking at low temperatures is also a key requirement. With this in mind, resistance of the material to weathering agents is particularly important. 


• SX: sintered Off-Road and Supermotard. A notably aggressive pad able to withstand high temperatures, recommended for Motocross and Supermotard. Particularly steady performance. 


• SD: sintered Off-Road. Good efficiency and stability under all operating conditions. Suitably resistant to wear, even when exposed to water and mud. Less aggressive than the SX, giving more flexible control. 


• TT: Carbon Ceramic, Semi-metallic, suitable for Off-Road use: Advantageously controllable material, formulated to perform well in both dry and wet conditions. Especially effective in situations characterized by poor grip, where flexible response is needed.

Naša koda: P10724
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